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Creator default avatar
Name Solve It!
Date Submitted Jun 11, 2011
Downloads 199
Views 483
Category June 2011 Theme Contest: One Word: Steampunk!
Rating 4.67/5 (12 votes)
Sumomo (5), electromaster (5), unz (5), animanga1993 (5), Amy--Rose (5), valentind (5), darknaruto (5), NewFantasy ☼ (5), AfroSamurai610 (4), kamannetje (4), shinryouma (4), ggirl (4)
Color Palette
Tags Professor Layton, Puzzle 128, Reverse Rotation
Description I rebember that Professor Layton and the Unwound Future had a puzzle about the group of gears.
So, I had the idea to made a theme for this contest :D

Ps. Lucky that revo2's SteamPunk AK2 didn't enter this contest :)
Did he still work with another?!!! o_O'''

Edited - Change a lot of details.
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default avatar

Nice job, I love the way you made it.
Especially that smiling detective.

default avatar

I think you misspelled oraNge...

default avatar
  • waste
  • Thailand
  • June 21, 2011

Ohh! How bad my ENG, Thaks.

default avatar
  • waste
  • Thailand
  • June 22, 2011

Hmm.. I change it already, you can see in download files. But why the preview still have a problem :(

default avatar

No, the preview just needs some time to update, its visible now. :)

default avatar
  • waste
  • Thailand
  • June 24, 2011

Oh! Thanks a lot.

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