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Name Castlevania Rondo
Date Submitted Jun 10, 2009
Downloads 93
Views 408
Category Games
Rating 3.91/5 (11 votes)
AfroSamurai610 (5), MatrixMaster3 (5), cheater620 (4), construc (4), Gamer4life (4), bertthehamster (4), Voltage (3), Noukon (3), wafiazizul (3), Schwarz (3)
Color Palette
Tags castlevania, rondo, blood, classic, konami
Description Pixels are the heart and soul of 2D games, no matter what fancy transparencies or filters your apply to them, so here's a retro theme that reflects that. ^^;;

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, was one of the few games never released in the US (until DXC came out for the PSP). Here, you've got a simple, but stylish theme that utilizes some nifty in-game sprites to compose itself. :]

High contrast means this theme should be very visible, unless you're in broad daylight. Enjoy, nonetheless! xD

PS: This theme has been converted for Acekard 2 use. Follow the below link. :]

PPS: Ignore any purple you see in the borked previewer. It'll be transparent on your DS. :P
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  • construc
  • Theme Rating - 4/5
  • June 11, 2009
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I like the little icons in the cheat menu. It looks like CycloDS has more custimization. As of now I just have the R4, so I do themes for
that. I might have to purchase a CycloDS and start doing themes for that one too. Looks good!

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Very nice, very detailed. Overall excellent theme!

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