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Name Elektra
Date Submitted May 02, 2009
Downloads 121
Views 304
Category May 2009 Theme Contest: Super Heroes!
Rating 2.36/5 (14 votes)
chillimango (4), planetsean (4), Bowser74 (3), Gamer4life (3), Schwarz (3), wafiazizul (3), munch_on_my_rod (2), cantarella (2), dvdfantasy (2), Daminite (2), hilrygraine (2), Magma Dragoon (1), lvlarx (1), simon_cmk (1)
Color Palette
Tags marvel, elektra, sai
Description What better hero can you get than Elektra? Sassy, smart, swift, and pleasing to the eye. Never get in the way of her Ninja Sai!
Top image by Marvel. Bottom image by Rafael Kayanan. Stamp by USPS.
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