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Name Dark Flowers YS
Date Submitted Nov 23, 2010
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Rating 4.38/5 (8 votes)
P.A.r.T.Y. (5), Anna (5), doodoo (5), Dorelchu (4), Amy--Rose (4), AfroSamurai610 (4), kamannetje (4), basher11 (4)
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Tags dark, ysmenu, basic, flowers, emo, gothic, awesome
Description My very first theme, what really drove me to make it was the fact that the m3 hasn't been updated in awhile, and now the creator of woodM3 abandoned the scene, so all us M3i users are stuck with YSmenu (which isnt a bad thing)so i just made ths for my ds because i couldn't find a nice dark theme with a YSmenu brand.
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  • Dorelchu
  • Theme Rating - 4/5
  • November 30, 2010
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