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Date Submitted Apr 23, 2011
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basher11 (2), queenieweenie78 (2), Amy--Rose (2), AfroSamurai610 (2), WaltZ (1), jeanbat (1)
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Description theme yugioh by hasuke
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right, where do I start. Well, first of, welcome to ndsthemes. Secondly well done on your first theme. And now your second. Right, that our of
the way, you need a theme ini. and you need a template to see where your boxes are. The best thing to do is get yourself alice theme creator
and the template is in the forum under R4. Your logo screen is a bit pulled, the icon screen is a bit uninspiring being just red with pictures
on etc. Your background 1 is ok, but you won't be able to read the writing too well once it's on your DS. And finally your background 2 is
probably your best screen. But what you need to do is make the whole theme match. It looks like it's been put together, all the images are
different in flavour. Also making a frame and having the textboxes (that the template will help you out with) will bring your theme together
more. Don't give up, make some changes and see what ppl think. You can only learn if you embrace the critisism. Good luck. :D

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  • WaltZ
  • Theme Rating - 1/5
  • April 24, 2011
  • 2 of 4

I'm sorry for the bad rating, it's just that i think there's a lot that u can improve on with this theme. All the images u used are good, but
since they're very crowded, it seems like they belong in the logo screen (even the "YuGiOh" Label u used on you bg1). You already did a good
job on the icons, but as queenie said, try to incorporate a background that is not as plain but also not too much so it won't pull focus from
ur icons. I hope u don't mind all the criticism, but as queenie said, we grow from them ^_^

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sorry i dont comment i am frecnh sorry

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  • jeanbat
  • Theme Rating - 1/5
  • April 28, 2011
  • 4 of 4

nul, the images aren't framed

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