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Name Brushed Metal
Date Submitted Feb 03, 2011
Downloads 219
Views 478
Category Miscellaneous
Rating 4.29/5 (14 votes)
Amy--Rose (5), MTBdesigne (5), keldar (5), redriolu (5), ubuntufreak (5), kamannetje (4), queenieweenie78 (4), AfroSamurai610 (4), NewFantasy ☼ (4), Zero Omega (4), basher11 (4), RDMERX (4), ggirl (4), TraumaHound (3)
Color Palette
Tags n/a
Description A sleek, minimalistic Brushed Metal theme for NDS with the Cyclo DS logo.
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  • ggirl
  • United Kingdom
  • Theme Rating - 4/5
  • February 5, 2011
  • 1 of 2

If you was going for minimalistic, maybe your active icons would have looked better shiny grey? Just a thought :)

default avatar
  • TraumaHound
  • United States
  • Theme Rating - 3/5
  • February 7, 2011
  • 2 of 2

The metal definitely caught my eye. I agree with ggirl, your main-screen icons would look better uncolored, perhaps instead sporting a look of
raised/recessed matching buttons that better mesh with the background.

Cheat icons are stock, not unique, and had I been the one
looking at this in the queue I'd have rejected it for this alone. Create your own, ones that better match the look of the theme. A
better-matching scrollbar would help tie it all together, too. Maybe bolt a rail to the metal frame and have a steel bar "slide" along it? Sort
of like this theme:

...just a thought. Overall, a good start and
with a few creative changes could definitely be a great theme.

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