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Tags heather, alejandro, total, drama, world, tour
Description So, lately I'm kinda obsessed with Total Drama World Tour. Well, how can I not be, when Heather and Alejandro rule the game like no one else has ever done. So, I've been thinking for a while of making this theme, but I was kinda stuck at the background. Well, used a standard black one now, and works cool. As for the font, I used the dark red to show what Heather's saying (dark red = Alejandro's jacket), and I used the dark pink to show what Alejandro's saying (dark pink = Heather's top). Now, tested the color scheme on my R4, and works fine, so, hope you like the theme! :D
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it's unusual, I've actually never heard of it, but i like your theme. Looks clean and kind of classy. :D

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