To make the clock and calendar work properly place these 4 files (clock_colon.bmp, clock_numbers.bmp, day_numbers.bmp, year_numbers.bmp) into a folder named "calendar" within the theme's folder.
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Name Castlevania Rondo (Ace2)
Date Submitted Jun 14, 2009
Downloads 468
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Category Games
Rating 3.78/5 (27 votes)
Tuskuy (5), AfroSamurai610 (5), abyssion135 (5), GanonApocalypse (5), keithoms (5), unz (5), Gamer4life (5), DiD (5), TraumaHound (5), fokkusuhaundo (4), Kayarine (4), elew (4), sirenita (4), P.A.r.T.Y. (4), wafiazizul (4), cheater620 (4), dvdfantasy (4), osuzu (4), booger (3), ichimura (3), Szotyi (3), Schwarz (3), newkira (3), bluerafael (2), Miku (2), groundman (1), sniper (1)
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Tags castlevania, rondo, blood, classic, konami
Description A conversion of my RoB theme for the CycloDS, as requested by someone at a forum I frequent more often than here. >_>

Link to the CycloDS original:
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  • TraumaHound
  • United States
  • Theme Rating - 5/5
  • June 14, 2009
  • 1 of 5

I especially love the clock and calendar bits! Gratz on the award, too!

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I honestly was not expecting the award either. This is certainly a pleasant surprise! :D

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  • Voltage
  • Netherlands
  • June 14, 2009
  • 2 of 5

Nice work! It took me a while to figure out what sumotuwethfrsa meant (yeah, I just woke up) LOL.

default avatar

I blame the font sizing, but at least I get entertaining responses from it. xD

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  • DiD
  • Belgium
  • Theme Rating - 5/5
  • June 15, 2009
  • 3 of 5

Very nice custom bits and pieces. Lovely theme with all the frames.
Grats on the award. ;)

default avatar

Wow, congratulations and quite well deserved! I agree, the clock and cal details are what seals the deal on me likin' it (I'm a sucker for
those frames)! Great job.

default avatar

Dude, you inspire me with your skin!

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