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Name Icecream
Date Submitted May 12, 2011
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Tags strawberry, chocolate, icecream, cone, pink, brown, food, fun, girl
Description Strawberry pink and chocolate brown icecream theme
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  • WaltZ
  • Theme Rating - 2/5
  • May 13, 2011
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The reason for the "2" is because your theme seems to be really unbalanced. Here u have an overcrowded top page (logo n bg1) an a really empty
bottom page (icon n bg2). Remember that R4 themes are different from Cyclo themes: they don't have to have an empty bottom screen. It's better
to keep the images spread out on all the screens. For example, if u'd take the time to use PS to cut out the ice creams n put some on bg2, i'm
sure it'd be a nicer looking theme. Hope this helps ^^

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I like your icon screen. I think you should reflect that in the logo screen. Make a pink background, a nice big ice cream on top and in the
same font in pale yellow some sort of yummy sentence, instead of using a premade top screen. If you catch my drift.

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