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Name CutePink!
Date Submitted Mar 31, 2011
Downloads 204
Views 528
Category Miscellaneous
Rating 3.2/5 (10 votes)
peppermai (4), kamannetje (4), Ryuke Dragon (3), queenieweenie78 (3), shinryouma (3), waste (3), basher11 (3), ggirl (3), Legion75 (3), AfroSamurai610 (3)
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Tags pink, cute, white
Description cute pink
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  • shinryouma
  • Indonesia
  • Theme Rating - 3/5
  • March 31, 2011
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You need to work on the scrollbar and cheat icons too.

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oh, what a shame. I saw the top screen and thought "yes!", but the bottom screen really lets it down, I'm afraid. Top screen is fantastic. If
you can come up with somehthing better for the bottom screen and the icons would be great. How about a heart with an arrow, a square in the
calendar filled in with writing and maybe a speech bubble or so? Good luck :D

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