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Name Vocaloid- How Do I Look?
Date Submitted Mar 12, 2011
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Tags meiko, miku, luka, gumi
Description Found this nice picture with miku, luka, gumi, meiko so I made this theme~ The clothes they're wearing are pretty no?

Sorry if the icon screen turned out kind of cluttered xD (yay for overusing the flower shape!)

Anyways hope you like it~ comments/ suggestions? =)
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What a stunning theme. I love the backgound pattern and the flowers. Big request: Could you make an AK2 version of this and also a mad catz
custom showcase skin? If you can't do the mad catz thing, I could do it if you sent me the original pics. I so need to have this on the outside
and inside of my DS. It's lovely. :D

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I've never made an AK2 theme before o: but I'll give it a shot~ (sorry if it takes awhile to get done though) wish me luck? xD

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ooh, thank you very much. Wish you lot's of luck. Don't worry how long it takes. Can you do the mad catz too? I have some templates if you need
them. :D

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  • Lemonaid
  • United States
  • March 14, 2011
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Cute :D I like the background image

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