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Name Gundam
Date Submitted Jun 05, 2010
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Category Sci-Fi
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Tags gundam, mecha, robot
Description This theme was put on hold because of my pc problems. But I finally managed to finish it (with the cost of everything I had in my C drive).

Animated Preview here: … 1275736130

Oh, and sorry for the brightness, folder and card_blue icons. My pc is kinda empty right now, so I used the ones from my Monster Racers themes because I thought they fit.

Edit 1: Hell, my clock and year numbers were totally wicked. They weren't showing up on Wood R4 1.10, and when I checked, they were 32-bit instead of 16 bit. Sorry guys! Modified them, hope they work now.
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  • ggirl
  • United Kingdom
  • June 6, 2010
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Lovely colours chosen Gabby :)

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Glad you like them, master! But, I haven't chosen the background colors, the photoshop color reversing did all the job :D

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