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Name Guitar Hero Metallica
Date Submitted May 28, 2009
Downloads 214
Views 354
Category Games
Rating 3.88/5 (8 votes)
MatrixMaster3 (5), Gamer4life (5), cheater620 (4), wafiazizul (4), dvdfantasy (4), munch_on_my_rod (3), MrMister (3), Schwarz (3)
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Tags metallica
Description A labour of love. Custom picks for menu icons. See if you can spot how many different album covers I used in the theme. Text may be hard to read, but didn't want to lessen the transparency on the bottom screen. Kirk looks too cool!
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  • Schwarz
  • Costa Rica
  • Theme Rating - 3/5
  • May 29, 2009
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And Justice for All, St. Anger, Death Magnetic... Think I'm missing something.
By the way, it'll be cool if you add in the logo screen
other Metallica band members (in thei GH version, of course). And it could also have other characters that made their appearance in the game,
such as King Diamond.

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I could do the things you have suggested, Schwarz, but perhaps someone else can do it. I only ever spend so much 'inspiration energy' on one
skin before I move onto something else. By the way, you're missing two other albums. Hint: Look at the middle icon, and the scrollbar. Then
there's a hint at one of their DVD covers from the cheat icons.

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